2 Sep 2013

Crackdown on social housing fraud in North Yorkshire

Social housing organisations are launching a crackdown on queue-jumpers and fraudsters in North Yorkshire.

The City of York Council has joined partners with other social housing providers covering North Yorkshire to create an alliance against housing fraud.

It says there are 14,500 people and families waiting for social housing in the county, with more than 1,000 applicants in the category of urgent need.

The organisations will now share information to help with identifying and prosecuting people “who lie about their circumstances in order to obtain a property".

It will look for people who sub-let their properties or provide false documents to obtain housing.

The initiative encourages members of the public to report suspected fraud.

Tenants found guilty of fraud will be banned from renting social housing in the future.

With the chronic shortage of social housing highlighted here, this should be a high priority everywhere. Of all the welfare frauds covered in this blog, social housing fraud is the most immoral.

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