19 Jul 2013

More Cornish benefit fraud conditional discharges

If you're going to get fingered for benefit fraud, Cornwall's the place to be. Here a couple have stolen over £20,000 in benefits but they got off with conditional discharges.

A former Marazion couple have been given a two year conditional discharge after pleading guilty to two counts of benefit fraud at Truro Magistrates Court last week.

Alan Cogan, 47, and Janet Cogan, 50, were involved in housing benefit, council tax benefit and income support fraud totalling £22,188.

The couple pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud for failing to disclose that they owned a property in Spain.

One charge relates to failing to disclose the property to Cornwall Council, the other in respect of the Department for Work and Pensions.

Mr and Mrs Cogan were also ordered to pay £250 each towards the investigation and legal costs.

The overpayments are being recovered from the couple by both Cornwall Council and Department from Work and Pensions.

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