12 Jun 2013

Another light benefit fraud sentence in Cornwall

A man from St Ives has pleaded guilty to a £6,300 benefit fraud.

Adam James pleaded guilty to two counts of housing benefit and council tax benefit fraud totalling £6,314.44 after failing to promptly report to Cornwall Council that his earnings had increased.

Mr James was fined £180, plus £20 victim surcharge and was also ordered to pay £100 towards the council’s investigation and legal costs.

The overpaid benefits are being recovered by Cornwall Council separately from the court action.
  • So that's penalties of £300 for stealing £6,300 - not even 5%. Yet an administrative penalty could have been as much as 30%. And Cornwall Council are still left to recover the money separately.

    Benefit thieves do it for the money. They should know they will have to pay back twice what they stole. They should not be eligible for any benefits until they have, and they should have to do some unpaid work every week until the debt to society is cleared.

    That would be a deterrent.

    A confiscation order should be made immediately.

    Hit them in the pocket!

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