6 Jun 2013

£41k benefit cheat ordered to pay back only £2.5k

A man who made more than £41,000 through benefit fraud will only have to pay back £2,561.

Christopher Berriman from Bridlington must pay it back within six months or will be jailed for 56 days.

He appeared at Hull Crown Court for a Proceeds of Crime Act hearing. Prosecutor Richard Thompson said: "He was prosecuted for benefit fraud and it was calculated the benefit was £41,625.92. The available amount is £2,561.39. This figure is based on equity in the matrimonial home but, in reality, the funds are likely to come from elsewhere."

Berriman's barrister Peter Byrne said he had no objections to the plans and would repay the money in full.

Judge Mark Bury said: "The defendant can have six months to pay that sum. If he defaults, he will go to prison for 56 days."

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