2 May 2013

Tax credit fraudster told to repay £740,000

A man who was jailed for his involvement in a £1.4m tax credit fraud has been ordered to repay more than £740,000 or face a further three years’ imprisonment.

Olaide (John) Taiwo, 37, of Camberwell in London, who stole the identities of over 350 people and used them to submit around 300 fraudulent tax credit claims, was sentenced to eight and a half years in prison in April 2011.

He has been told to pay back £741,297 prior to the end of his current jail sentence or spend an extra three years in prison.

His accomplice, Olajumoke Ademuyiwa, 44, was jailed for four years for her involvement in the fraud.

She has already repaid the £28,500 she was told to pay at a confiscation hearing in November 2012.

Ademuyiwa, of Canning Town in London and a former Jobcentre Plus employee, was ordered to repay the amount within 28 days or face a further 12 months in jail.

Adrian Farley, assistant director at HM Revenue & Customs, said:
Both Taiwo and Ademuyiwa found that HMRC’s actions against them did not end when they were jailed. We actively pursue not only the criminals, but the proceeds they make from their crimes.

If Taiwo does not pay up, he will serve more time in jail, and still owe the money when he is released.”
At the hearing at Isleworth Crown Court on 26 April 2013, Judge Davis said that he found Taiwo “an irreverent and skilful liar, who seeks to manipulate the truth and is totally dishonest”.

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