17 Apr 2013

Is Barry Rogerson disabled?

Barry Rogerson has several questions to answer. He's the Newcastle football thug who punched a police horse.

Animal rights activists are paying attention to him, he tells the Daily Mail, posing for a picture for them.

Doubtless the DWP will be looking at him too. He's also been sounding off to The Sun.
Rogerson, now on £55-a-week in disability living allowance and £50-a-week in incapacity benefit, was forced to quit his factory job in 2005 with sarcoidosis — a disease of the auto-immune system.

It often clears up on its own, with more than two thirds of sufferers having no symptoms after nine years.

Rogerson said: “Only 60 per cent of my lungs are working. I can’t do anything physical. Even drying myself after a shower leaves me short of breath.”
Yes, Barry, we can see that.

Who walks your three dogs, by the way?


Anonymous said...

I'm Asthmatic with 40% lung capacity, have had it since a child i have not missed a day's work in my life and I'm older than this clown. It's hardly a wonder this country is in the state it is in when a thug/clwon like this can be paid benefits of any kind!I say he is fit enough for the Prison Exercise yard!

A Shute said...

I'm older than this clown/thug with 40% lung capacity due to being Asthmatic, I've not missed a day's work in my life. It is hardly a wonder we are in the state we are in as a nation if clowns like this can claim a disability benefit whilst being fit enough to down several pints, go to a football match, run around a police horse then punch it, he is in my humble opinion a benefit fraudster, he's certainly fit enough for the prison exercise yard!