19 Feb 2013

Some benefit criminals

A married grandmother who wrongfully claimed more than £86,000 in benefits over ten years has been jailed for six months. She was convicted of similar offences in 2000 and handed an 18-month conditional discharge, which came to an end shortly before she began fraudulently claiming again.

A landlord and former teacher in London who fraudulently claimed more than £25,000 in benefits has been jailed for eight months following an investigation by Haringey Council. The benefits overpaid to Beebee Garrib will be recovered from her assets, which were frozen by police following her arrest.

Andrew Bradbury, a Carshalton tiler, was convicted of benefit fraud after boasting on his company's website that he "works all the way through the year". Despite the fraud of nearly £25,000, Camberwell Green magistrates only gave him 200 hours of community punishment - presumably he'll be able to do that in all weathers too. The council will be seeking full recovery of the overpayment.

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