16 Jan 2013

More legal benefit fraud delays

It's almost a year since I mentioned the case of Sohan Singh.

And yes, it's taken all this time for his confiscation hearing to come up, at goodness knows what expense.

At a confiscation hearing at Reading Crown Court last week he was ordered to pay £40,417.92 compensation to Slough Borough Council, £35,249.25 compensation to the DWP and £4,590 costs - a total of £80,257.17.

If he fails to pay by July 10, he could be jailed again for up to two years and still have to pay the money back after his release.

This is not good enough. A confiscation order should be automatic when someone's found guilty of benefit fraud. It should be for twice the amount of the fraud. Just returning the money - with not even interest added - is not enough of a deterrent.

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