20 Jan 2013

Immigrant benefit entitlements

It's not fraud, but The Sun has a long piece about what it calls the astonishing benefits bonanza enjoyed by a Lithuanian immigrant who is a single mother.

Iain Duncan Smith points to future benefits reforms. And the paper says ministers have admitted they have no idea how much Labour’s open door immigration policy has cost Britain.

I don't believe it. It means they prefer not to have an estimate, because they want immigrant votes. It would also draw attention to the cost of the compulsory open door which comes with EU membership - which would be mighty inconvenient politically.

So it suits all the main parties to keep us in ignorance.


Anonymous said...

It is not that much money.
I knew a single mum who was getting more than that 10 years ago.
It is scary that the sun thinks this is a lot for a single mum to get in benefits. She is quite unlucky not to get a flat in London.

John Page said...

The paper's point (and hers) is that it is more than she could have got in her native country.

Anonymous said...

True it is more than she could get her in own country.
However there must be loads of immigrants in this country who get more in benefits than she does.
I know 2 personally.
I still think it is strange that the Sun thinks this is a lot of money for an immigrant to get in the UK.

Anonymous said...

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