30 Jan 2013

A visitor asks about blue badge fraud

A visitor writes:
I am in contact with Hackney Council here in London, as my 'hobby' is spotting blue badge misuse/abuse.

The best place to spot able-bodied drivers walking with ease more than the 80 metres specified by law is supermarket car parks.

Are you aware of any issues with councils - or spotters, like me - capturing evidence (video/photo) whilst on private property such as supermarket car parks and inside the shop? I'm guessing this shouldn't matter, as its still breaking the blue badge rules..?


Anonymous said...

The disabled parking places in supermarket car parks have no standing in law, These are on private property

The_Maluka said...

A large percentage of people who illegally park in disabled spaces have a criminal record. The crooks self identify so that the supermarkets can keep an eye on them. Simples!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comments.

In response to comment # 1:

While the act of a badge abuser parking in the supermarket disabled bay might not be illegal, it provides a good place to watch numerous drivers get out of their car and proceed to walk more than the allowed distance (unaided). This is why this location is of interest to me. Is their any reason why - given this will be private property - recorded evidence would be rejected, if filmed in such a location?

In response to comment # 2:

Okay, the security guards in my local supermarket just aren't this clever! :-) I can assure you they wouldn't be observing those that park in the disabled bays more intensely than anyone else, I've never seen them even look out of the shop window into the car park. They've already got a problem with beggars out there but turn a blind eye.

Richard Cracknell said...

To the original poster:

I'm really interested in your campaign against blue badge misuse as think it is a real problem, especially in London.

Have you done any filming or thought about posting on youtube to name and shame? Did you get any response from Hackney Council about whether they could use the footage as I would like to do similar.

Drop me a line on as I would love to hear from you and talk further about it.

Tuberesu said...

You are aware, of course that many disabled people have designated drivers because their disability precludes them from driving themselves. These drivers can use the parking spaces reserved for disabled people and can RUN to the supermarket and SPRINT back and they do not commit an offence. I suggest you brush up on the law before you pontificate.

Anonymous said...

yea get a life ,my husband has terminally cancer ,and can get around quite well ,but very ill ,shame on you for judging people ,who dont look disabled but are fighting it , ,,who made you judge and jury nosy bastard as i said get a life